Deed Restriction Violation Enforcement

Boats, Trailers, RV's, and like vehicles


It is your home and investment

Promoting the common good and general welfare of the owners of the properties in our neighborhood.

New construction and renovations

We are not the "Bad Guys"! We live in a community that is governed by Deed Restrictions, and your Board of volunteers is simply carrying out their respective duties. When a resident claims we are overstepping or being overly enthusiastic there are other residents demanding greater rigidity. We always strive to ensure mutual tranquility as we enforce our deed restrictions.

The Design Control Committee is responsible for reviewing new construction, renovation plans, pools, and other improvements. An application is available here and on the Library Page of our web site. Better safe than sorry as paint colors, fences, decks, and many other projects require the approval of the DCC.


Boats, trailers, and RV's may be parked in a driveway after 4 pm for use the next day, but must be removed by 8 am. Recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and motorhomes may be parked in a driveway for only 72 hours for loading and unloading purposes. A Prohibited Equipment Request form is available here or in the Library.   < Submit Completed Form (must be                                                                                                                     scanned and attached or mailed)

It is also the responsibility of the Design Control Committee to ensure all residents are maintaining their properties in an appropriate manner. The DCC along with the Board will fulfill this obligation by ensuring all residents are aware of the Deed Restrictions and By Laws, sending reminders to residents overlooking a concern, and more formal actions when occasionally necessary. Violations should be directed to the address listed below.   < Report Violation


Design Control Committee