Our next Annual Meeting is April 24th at 3PM at the Clubhouse             2022 03-27


Community Yard Sale

Annual Meeting 2022

May 1st was our last Community Yard Sale

2021-04-01 / rev 2021-11-11

​November 16th was our last Community Yard Sale.  2019-10-02/rev 2020-12-13

April 23rd our Community Yard Sale 8am-Noon


Annual Meeting 2020 Cancelled Indefinitely

Community Yard Sale

Community Yard Sale

​April 26th was our community yard sale.    

2019-04-11/rev 2019-07-16

Our next Annual Meeting is April 11th at 3PM at the Clubhouse             2021 02-22

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Community Yard Sale

Special Meeting

Our Annual Meeting was April 7th at 3PM. Thank you for all who were in attendance.             2019-02-20/rev 2019-04-11

Community Yard Sale

Thank you for the great turnout at our Annual Meeting April 15th

  2018-01-09/rev 2018-01-23 /rev 2018-04-19

Thank you

Annual Meeting 2019

Community Yard Sale

Annual Meeting 2018

Promoting the common good and general welfare of the owners of the properties in our neighborhood.

Community Yard Sale

​March 24th was our community yard sale. Thank you to all who helped out    2018-01-09/rev 2018-01-30/rev 2018-03-27

​November 14th  2020 was our last Yard Sale

2020-09-10/rev 2020-10-05/rev 2020-11-30

Annual Meeting 2021

​November 10th was our community yard sale.   

2018-10-17/rev 2018-07-16

Special Meeting August 18th @

3 PM Clubhouse. Mail Proxy if unable to attend    2019-07-16

Our Annual Meeting April 19th has been cancelled indefinitely.  

2020-02-11/rev 2020-03-24

Jason Lyons got to the right person  at the county and got the remaining yard waste picked up in our community last week! 2017/11/22