Thank you for the great turnout at our Annual Meeting April 15th

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Community Yard Sale

Special Meeting August 18th @

3 PM Clubhouse. Mail Proxy if unable to attend    2019-07-16

Community Yard Sale

​November 2020 Yard Sale date will be announced.   


Special Meeting

Community Yard Sale

​March 24th was our community yard sale. Thank you to all who helped out    2018-01-09/rev 2018-01-30/rev 2018-03-27

Community Yard Sale

​November 16th was our last Community Yard Sale.  2019-10-02/rev 2020-12-13

​April 26th was our community yard sale.    

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Annual Meeting 2020 Cancelled Indefinitely

​November 10th was our community yard sale.   

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Our Annual Meeting April 19th has been cancelled indefinitely.  

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Thank you

Our Annual Meeting was April 7th at 3PM. Thank you for all who were in attendance.             2019-02-20/rev 2019-04-11

Community Yard Sale

Annual Meeting 2018

Annual Meeting 2019

Promoting the common good and general welfare of the owners of the properties in our neighborhood.

Jason Lyons got to the right person  at the county and got the remaining yard waste picked up in our community last week! 2017/11/22